In Darkness

In Darkness is a game about the paranormal. You follow the investigations of Emily, an inexperienced ghost hunter, as she searches through various locales for the spirits that haunt them. Confronted with the spirit of her husband, Emily is propelled into a nightmarish world when she decides to follow his notes to learn more about the dark world that plagued his haunted youth.

The player will use various tools and equipment in the field such as the night vision camera, electromagnetic field (EMF) detector, and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorder to investigate these haunted locations. Being shrouded in darkness, the player will use a flashlight to help ward off spirits, trying not to let the their fear get the best of them. Because when the player is too afraid, their health suffers.

This combat-light game will focus more on adventuring as Emily trudges through the spook-filled settings filled with ghosts and spirits, ready to give chase and cause fright as you, the player, figure out the connection between these places and her late-husband’s youth.