Announcing Vriden: A Pathfinder Compatible & Fate Core Gothic Horror Setting


Welcome to a world filled with horror, madness, and ancient powerful threats. Heroes fight against the darkness of evil and conversely the light of good. Vampires hunt for the blood of young virgins while beastial werewolves tear apart arrogant hunters. This is a world without hope and where the cursed soil has spawned threats of disaster, ruin and decay for all walks of life.

Welcome to a world where magic was once king, but has since been dethroned by the powers of the undead and their dark overlords of destruction. Sorrow filled souls look to the heavens and ask the burning question of when they’ll be saved from the despot ruin of the land. Priests and holy warriors of S.U.N vie to cleanse the world of evil, meanwhile the Libertine and other covens of witches and arcanists try to bring forth the apocalypse. In Vriden, we are all warriors fighting for the dawn of what could be our last day.

Evil plots in the darkness, wanting and lusting to extend it’s dreaded reach from beyond the burrows of the grave and shattered halls of long forgotten cities. Plagued wilds of forests, once bustling with magical life, are now left in ash. Through the valleys of the great Karpathian mountains lies a road, a path to death, plagued by hordes of evil cultists and haunting masses of shadows looking for their next life to steal. Do you dare venture down it to save humanity or do you join the cultists and revel in the splattered blood of foolish heroes?

Vriden, a new campaign setting from Crusader Games, will be available this fall with support for both Pathfinder and Fate Core RPG systems. Vriden is a gothic horror setting inspired by the images and music of heavy metal icons such as King Diamond, Cradle of Filth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and more. Players will be swept up in a world of pure evil and darkness where they can save the world or contribute to its damnation. More information will be released over the coming weeks, including previews of the cities, lore, and much more.

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